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Draft Regional Guidelines on Preparing Vital Statistics from Civil Registration System

The purpose of the Guideline is to enable the national offices entrusted with generation of vital statistics to have a critical review of their activities and identify areas for improvements. Considering that civil registration system itself is in nascent stages of development in many countries, it is better to take the CRVS system together for improvement. This is a companion volume to the publication on improving national civil registration systems, but focusing on civil registration systems. In many countries, the vital statistics and civil registration are dealt bey different organizations controlled by different ministries. Hence it was felt necessary that these guidelines on vital statistics can be a 5 separate volume as it would include discussion on several issues that are of no concern to civil registration organization. Hence many issues discussed therein are not repeated unless necessary for better understanding in a specific context. These guidelines are to serve as a supplement to the handbooks on civil registration brought out by the United Nations.