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I told this story to a friend last night. I had forgotten all about it. On my way home it all came flooding back into my head. I have to tell this story.

It happened in Great Neck, Long Island, New York in the summer of 1962. These were pre-disease days. I was 30.

Her name is Sarah Weingold. She was 22.

I was working for a credit card company and our office building was next to what today would be called a Strip Mall. There were only five or six businesses in this mall. Sarah’s father had a Jewelry store there and she worked weekdays full time for him.

At the far end was a Pub’ a kinda ’Watering Hole’ (I don’t remember the name) for the folks in the neighborhood. I stopped there every night after work for a draft beer before heading for my home in Bethpage, Long Island.

Sarah was there most nights but we never talked until’

I went in one evening and there was no room at the bar. I looked around and she waved me over to her table. There were 3 girls there and an empty chair. I must say she was a knockout and looked wonderful (based on 1962 standards). Perky tits, what you see of them and VERY /legs/nice-legs/">nice legs. About 5’ 8’ tall. A nice slender young body. I guess you could call her ’classy’ by today’s standards. Not much showin’ but what did was great. The other girls left and we talked for over 2 hours. When I was leaving she stood up and shook my hand. WOW! What a package.

I was late getting home. ’I had to work late’, was my excuse. Actually we are all working on the new computer system. (NOTE: the computer that was being installed was and IBM 1401. When you see some older dude, ask him what it was)

From then on my wife never expected me home at any given time. Sure we were working with the computer but we never worked after 5:00pm and never on weekends.

Sarah was there every day now and we would sit and talk for at least an hour. My co-workers were always trying to horn in on our conversations but she really did know how to blow them off, just like the /women/">women today, sweetly and with resolve.

About 3 weeks later she asked me, ’Would you like to fuck me?’ Knock me over with a straw. This chick wants to fuck? Do I have to tell you my answer???

Her father and mother worked the jewelry store and were there all the time. They excused Sarah on Saturdays and Sundays. Sarah’s brother had an apartment in New Rochelle, New York in Westchester County. He traveled for some beverage company and the place was empty most of the time. We set-up a Saturday 2 weeks out. He was on his way to Los Angles, California.

It’s funny. After we were set, and for 2 weeks, she used to rub my dick through my pants at the pub. She made me nuts... she wouldn’t let me near her pussy. I was beginning to wonder if she was even a woman. I asked her on evening and she reached under her dress and put her finger to my nose. NO DOUBT. I was getting so Horney I was about to explode.

On that first Saturday I was really weak kneed. I had no idea what to expect. I parked my car in the company parking lot along with the weekend credit people just in case my wife came by. Sarah picked me up at the Pub.

We Drove to New Rochelle. His apartment was on Cooper Drive (#B-203 upstairs). It seemed like a lifetime getting there but we were only on the road for about 45 minutes as I remember.

We went in the apartment. What a bachelor pad. Sex stuff was everywhere. Pictures, risqué bottles, magazines, etc. Then there was the bedroom’ Red velvet everywhere, even to the rug on the floor. (Feels nice on bare /feet/">feet) Sarah said she designed and decorated it for him.

She pulled the bedspread back to reveal red satin sheets. This was a BIG bed. She put her arms around me and said she had waited a long time for this. She planted her full soft pouty lips on mine and gave me a kiss that could last a blowjob porn videos person a lifetime.

She lay back on the bed and asked me to remove her stockings, shorts and panties. No beating around the bush with her (no pun intended). And there it was’ a big beautiful pussy already bright red, swollen and soaking wet. No lube needed today between her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy and the pre-cum that was staining my pants. She wiped her finger through her pussy and put it in my mouth. She said, ’Is this what you have been waiting for?’ She sat up and undid my pants and let them fall to the floor. Then she pulled my under shorts down and up jumped Stan.

We both got completely naked. She asked me to lay on my back on the bed and to hang my legs over the foot. She reached under the bed and came up with a heart shaped pillow, which she placed under my head.

She climbed on the bed. Keep in mind my dick was sticking straight up in the air. She turned around, threw her right leg over my head and put her knees against the top of my shoulders. She moved down just a bit and placed her pussy firmly over my face, her clit at lip level. As she lowered her pussy so her clit was on my lips and my tonque came out to play, she took my dick in her mouth and very slowly went down on it as far as she could. It’s wonderful to have a tall person. The alignment was almost perfect for both of us. She choked. She pushed her /hard/pussy-hard/">pussy hard on my lips and we went to work on each other. (NOTE: In all these years, I never had a 69 like this one again)

I was going /crazy/">crazy and about to cum. She stopped and said, ’Don’t cum’. She lifted off and flooded me with her /sweet/">sweet white cum and settled back onto my lips and mouth. I had to swallow it. As my dick started to go limp, she once again very slowly went to work on it, and she was cuming and cuming and cuming. It was a pretty sure fact I wouldn’t need lunch today. I don’t know where she got it all.

She held me off. At least 6 times while she kept cuming. She was running out of cum. It seemed every nerve on my body was concentrating on my dick.

Finally, as she came for the last time, she took my whole dick deep in her milf porn videos mouth and started running her tonque all over it as she lifted her head and my dick was coming out. She stopped and held the head in her mouth and started running her tongue over the back and the hole very slowly as she ran her fingernails very gently around the head.

I started to cum. As I came, she kept her tonque busy as the cum flew out. She caught it all and swallowed it then went back to the head for more and there was more and she just kept swallowing. When I was finally through (I would say at least 15 really hard pumps) she ran her fingers from the bottom of my dick to the top, using her fingers to squeeze the channel to capture the last of my cum.

My dick stayed hard for 10 minutes. She came over and gave him a great /kissing/big-kiss/">big kiss and said, ’That’s a good boy’. We both laughed.

We moved to the top of the bed and just lay there holding each other. She got up, went to the kitchen, put my levi’s and undershirts in the washing machine, got a couple of Cokes and came back to bed. We both were dying of thirst.

I feel asleep. It was about one o’clock or so. While I was sleeping she had put my clothes in the dryer.

I was awakened by Sarah playing with my balls. ’Nice way to wake up, eh’? ’Yep’ was my reply. Then she turned around and lying on her back, threw her left leg over my belly and said I should do the same. MY GOD! There was that beautiful pussy looking straight at me. She threw me the heart pillow for under my head so I could see better. She used one of the pillows on the bed. She had the same view of my /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls. We played with each other for about half an hour. She had my dick at rock hard attention now. I think I could have cut diamonds with it. She said, ’Wana fuck’? She didn’t wait for an answer.

She got on top of me and lowered herself over my dick. Again, no lube required. It was wonderful to go all natural. She jumped as I hit bottom. ’OHHH’ she said with a big smile on her face. She went down hard on my cock 5 or 6 times. She felt where it went in to and said, ’Is there more?’. She asked me if she could try to get me into her Cervix. It was something she wanted to try but never had a dick long enough. She bounced on me a few times very hard. It actually hurt. Then as it was hurting the hurting stopped and I felt her pussy lips on my belly. She not only got my dick past her Cervix but it went into her Uterus. Man, it was really hurting now. As she lifted up, we were stuck. Finally after a few tries the head came out. Sarah said she never wanted to do that again. Thank God.

After this experience, she leaned toward me and moved up al little bit so our alignment was perfect. Sarah would go up on my dick until it almost fell out then down again. She was able to hold it all except the last inch or so. She started her ’Don’t cum’ routine. As I was about to she would bury my dick in herself until it hit bottom and sit still until I calmed down. She used the muscles in her pussy to keep me interested but not enough to make me cum.

As we fucked she played with her clit. This gal came more than gal I had ever known. At last! She said she was ready and to, ’hold on’. She pushed her pussy up and down. As I started to cum, she took me almost all the way out then buried it. 3 times and I came. I filled her up. She got off of me and went down and milked my dick again. Our cum was in her pussy. She put her hand down there and dripped our cum into her hand. She got up and put it in the glass on the table.

We got up and she said that was about all she could take for the day. BOY did I agree. We sat down at the table and she took the cum and put it in her coke. She got a spoon and stirred it up. She offered me a sip only. /bad/">bad TASTE! YUCK! But she loved it.

Sarah was cool. She washed me with a warm towel. Dick, balls, face, belly, etc. so my wife wouldn’t pick up any strange smells.

We left the apartment right around 4:00pm.

We did this every other Saturday for months. After a while I got paranoid about all the sneaking around and everything and called it off. She was upset but she finally agreed.

I finally got the nerve to ask her ’Where at 22 did how did you learn all this stuff’? Who taught you how to make a man the happiest person on the planet and be your slave forever’?

She said, (turn the page)