Last night in Pars part II

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Last night in Pars part II

A bisexual tale of lust and teen passions- by Tom Hunter

We lay there gasping for about 10 minutes before Sandrine suggested some more drinks’ As I worked part time in a bar, I offered to fix some cocktails and she pointed me in the direction of her alcohol stash in the kitchen. I heard Ben and Sandrine laughing in the bedroom. I smiled myself, as I thought of what an amazing experience I had just had. Rummaging through the bottles, I decided to go for a mix of Malibu, vodka, gin, cranberry and orange juice. (Amazing what you find in young girls kitchens!) 

Then, I froze with shock as I heard the lock turning in the nearby front door. In walked another girl that I had seen at the /party/">party earlier. As I stood there naked, with the glasses in my hand, she just looked me up and down and smiled. I like to think that I am in pretty good shape, and have a well-defined body. She said nothing so I just did the same and looked at her. She was quite tall, had long brown hair and one of the sexiest bodies I have seen outside of an FHM magazine! From what I could tell through the semi transparent silk top she was wearing, she had larger breasts than Sandrine. Then, breaking the silence, she just walked past me and into the room where the others were. Quickly following, I heard her say, ’ I see you have made some new friends Sandy’. Ben looked as shocked as I had been and quickly tried to cover himself with a blanket. ’Don’t be shy, Veronique lives here too.’ Sandrine reassured.

Sensing that this was not the /first-time/">first time that Sandrine had been interrupted like this, I made some excuse about getting another glass from the kitchen. Ben followed me, and we stood for a minute laughing in the hall. ’Man, can you believe that?! 
That was some party!’ Laughing, I agreed. ’So, is this the first time you’ve done something like this? I asked nervously. I mean with another guy around, you know’ 

’Of course, I’m not some /boy/gay-boy/">gay boy, what do you think?’ We had always sort of joked about it, but I had passed it off as banter. Come to think of it though, he never really denied it, and I certainly knew how I felt!

He must have been feeling quite uncomfortable talking about it though, especially as we were both completely naked! He picked up a packet of French cigarettes from the table. I accepted and we both /hung/">hung out the window, smoking and drinking our very strong cocktails. We chatted for about 5 minutes about Sandrine and concluded that even though most French girls were pretty casual, she was the loosest girl we had ever met. It wasn’t really a complaint though! Then we started laughing again. The girls must have heard, and came into the kitchen. ’So, you don’t want to play any more? You know, French boys stay and play all night! Ah, never mind ’’ They looked at each other and pretended to be sad, while we tried to work out if they had just insulted us or set us a challenge. I turned to Ben and said ’for England?’ And we both burst out laughing again as we followed them back into the bedroom. 

In the room, Veronique had already lost her clothes, and I had been right about her breasts. Although not huge, they were certainly big. Her skin was a darker complexion than Sandrine’s and she seemed to be slightly fitter. It really was an exciting sight to see my best mate, sat naked on the bed with two beautiful, sex hungry, foreign teenagers. They both started to run their hand over his body as I sat and watched. Veronique looked over at me provocatively as she bent down over Ben’s crotch and took the head of his dick in her mouth Ben buried his face in Sandrine’s chest and swirled his tongue around her once again /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples. She squealed with pleasure as she slid two fingers slowly in her moist pussy and rubbed at her clit in a well-practised motion. I could see that Veronique was getting the same idea. She put her fingers up to her friend’s mouth who willingly licked them. Expertly giving Ben what was clearly /blow/best-blow/the-best-blowjob/">the best blowjob he had ever had, she ground her hips into the mattress as she sat on her hand and buried her fingers to the knuckles. I walked across the room and stood in front of Ben. 

By this time, my dick was hard again and I bokep sma pecah perawan stroked it slowly in front of his face. The girls looked at each other and Veronique muttered something in French, which made Sandrine giggle. The pair stood up and pointed at me. It was fairly obvious that they wanted a show! I expected Ben to just look back in disgust and perhaps, if he hadn’t drunk so much he would of, plus the earlier performance had maybe excited him more than I thought.

To my /surprise/">surprise though, he put his hand on my cheeks and pulled me towards his face. Hesitatingly at first, he took my dick in his hand and stroked the shaft softly. Then at once, he leaned forward and took me in his mouth. I threw my head back blissfully as I enjoyed the feeling of him sucking me and working his hands over my butt. Even though, this was apparently the first time that he had done this, I enjoyed the firmness of his lips and the actions of his tongue far better than any girl that I had been with.

Forgetting myself in the pleasure of this, I felt a hand on my shoulder ’Et nous?’
Asked Sandrine. ’I want to feel that cock in my pussy again!’ 

This said she stood up and turned her back to me. Hands on the bed, she spread her legs and flashed her bald crotch and beautiful bronze coloured cheeks at me. Her friend adopted the same position alongside her. That was a wonderful sight, two sexy lustful young pussies wanting to be used mercilessly’ Ben and I stood side by side behind them and placed our hands on their cheeks almost simultaneously. Taking my cock in one hand and spreading Veronique’s now dripping lips, I slowly pushed my dick head in her. At first I teased her by rubbing it up and down her clit, smearing myself with her old waman xxxgx juices. Then after a while, I grabbed her hips and drove my dick deep into her causing her to yelp with a mixture of pain and pleasure. 

If possible, she seemed even tighter than Sandrine had been! I looked over at the other two, who were by now furiously fucking doggy-style and moaning loudly. Picking up the pace with Veronique, I started to slam into her, my balls slapping against her butt loudly. She shouted out ’ Fuck me in the ass!’ At this request Ben looked at me and said ’lucky bastard!’ I looked down at her, impaled on my dick, sweat running down her back’and asked Ben if he wanted to swap. He didn’t even waste time answering. I watched as he pulled his /fat/fat-cock/">fat cock out of Sandrine’s juicy cunt and stepped in behind Veronique. I felt his hardness brush past my ass as he moved past me and I felt my dick twitch excitedly. Unfortunately for me, I watched as he spread the girl’s tight pink asshole with his thumbs. His cock being so slippery from fucking her friend, he was able to push into Veronique easily. She moaned loudly as his /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock filled her and started to pump her rapidly. ’Fuck me stranger!’ She shouted. 

Sandrine, waiting for me, led on her back with her ass hanging over the edge of the bed. Without waiting I mounted her and shoved my cock into her waiting pussy. Ben had done a good job of warming her up for me! Pounding in and out, it wasn’t long before she started coming and I could feel her pussy contracting around me, swallowing my dick as she came with me inside her. From the noises that her friend was making, I gather that Veronique was also cumming as she thrashed around, Ben’s cock still pounding her ass’He wasn’t quite ready though! Pulling out of her, he came and stood behind me, his back touching mine as I continued to /girl/fuck-girl/fuck-the-girl/">fuck the girl roughly. ’I know this is what you have wanted for a long time, isn’t it?’ He didn’t make me beg any further. I lay still on Sandrine, my cock still hard, as I hadn’t cum yet. 

Slowly he started to spread my cheeks as he had with Veronique. I felt the warmth of his dick as he pushed the head into me slowly. Gently, he pushed until his entire cock was buried in my ass and I could feel his balls hanging against my cheeks. It was amazing! I felt so good having a /fat/">fat cock in my ass and burying my own in some eager teen’s /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy. Slowly we started to move, picking up pace bit by bit until he was fucking me like I was fucking her! It didn’t take long before I was ready to explode. ’I’m gonna cum!!!’ I shouted, my dick throbbing. Aaghh! I began pumping into her wildly, unable to stop shooting my load deep in her /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy’ She moaned as my whole body pushed her into the bed, my dick as deep in her as possible. My ass closed tightly around his cock and the stimulation proved too much for Ben. He pulled out of me and with one hand on my back; he jerked his /cock/cock-hard/">cock hard until I felt hot drops of his cum splash onto my butt cheeks. He made an almost growling noise as he continued to wank over me, holding my ass firmly. 

Utterly exhausted, we all collapsed on the bed in a pile of naked, sweaty flesh. The next morning, Ben and I walked the ten minutes to the bus stop as I headed for the airport and my flight back to England. It had been a great night! Before we said goodbye, he confided in me that he had enjoyed last night. All of it and that he would definitely ’be up’ for it again. 

Since being back in England, he has e-mailed me saying that he will be coming to my uni in September and wants to know if we can share a room. 
What do you think I said ?!