My Wife Abroad Part 2

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My Wife Abroad Part 2

In case you didn?t read our last letter I was writing about my wife and our holidays abroad. We have been going away regularly for years. Mainly to resorts in Greece and Spain where the local men are well known for bedding /british/british-women/">british women. Having heard these old tales we used to take them as rumours. Plain and simple. Until we decided to find out for ourselves. At 35 Rachel has shoulder length, /blonde/">blonde hair and the kind of eye-catching figure that attracts the attentions of these horny foreigners time and time again. She is always guaranteed a stiff pounding during our stay. Especially with her /tits/big-tits/">big tits and her long, shapely legs.?

It is three years since we last visited the Greek island of Crete. That night on the eve of our anniversary I watched Rachel fucking a waiter for the /first-time/">first time. I had never watched before and it laid the way for what was to come. Since my last letter we have been to different countries further a field. Even as far as South America. I?m delighted to have been able to see other men banging my wife in nearly every one. Watching Rachel flirt has become a real joy. Though these days I?d say that she is even more confident of herself. She loves showing off her body and going for larger, daring thrills. Often being quite unashamed. At night she likes to dress in her finest and have other men looking at her. Thriving on the attention.

At home our life is very much a normal one. The fun we have abroad completely set apart from our family and friends. Rachel runs a small beauty salon in the centre of town and she is well thought of. I know she would probably be horrified to have anyone find out how she behaves on holiday. Running her own business has been a dream of hers since before we where married. I am it has to be said, very lenient towards my wife. I like to see her in nice clothes and to have the things that she wants. Keeping her business has taken a lot of hard work on her part. Not least with our two young children to bring up as well. Zo? is seven and Thomas is nearly six. As you can imagine they both need full time attention. With such a hectic lifestyle our trips have always been a way of letting loose and spending time together.?

Our last holiday was in June when we took the kids to Spain. I should say that we hadn?t any ?plans? when we set out. Rachel had never had slept around while Zo? and Thomas were with us. We didn?t feel that would be proper and always saw this as ?family time?. More often than not to be spent at beach resorts. However, memories of our recent, lurid trip to Mexico where still fresh in my head as we headed for the tourist heart of Malaga. We had been there twice in the past though it had been several years since our last visit. Spain has always held a special place for us. Especially the grand south. Rachel of course, likes the best treatment and the hotel I put us in was quite grand. We had two adjoining rooms. One for us and one for the kids.?

The first week was wonderfully pleasant. Rachel had her handbag stolen within the first three days but that was the only downside. We had ample opportunity to relax and enjoy the break. The weather was beautifully hot and the kids where loving every minute. Though unbearable in mid day and we would often find ourselves relaxing leisurely in the many cafes dotted around town. It was busy. The height of the season. As is usual for us we soon grew bored of the beach and ventured out of the main city and into the smaller surrounding areas. It was mostly countryside. Charming really and the coastal towns where really something to see. Picturesque and away from the mass of other tourists.?

One day on the second week of our holiday we took a bus ride to a small town porn videos download a couple of miles up the coast. Rachel had wanted to see it. Having decided to buy presents for her family as well as a few odds and ends for our home. She had her mind set on some Spanish trinkets for her collection and hoped to find something she liked from the quaint little shops we knew there would be. It was a dusty, bumpy journey on the bus. So very hot and humid. Not the most enjoyable of journeys and we were all glad to arrive. The town itself was a ram shackled but bustling place. Not too overcrowded and went along with our expectations. The first thing we did was to find a caf? and buy Cokes for the kids and ice tea for ourselves. Afterwards we looked around town. xxx Rachel had found several unusual, bargain items as late afternoon approached.?

It was then that we passed a general kind of convenience store. I?m sure you?ve seen them. Extremely common and the kind that sells newspapers, beach things and clothes. There is nothing exceptional about this. Except for the dress which /hung/">hung outside the door on an iron hanger. It was noticeable as it was incredibly small. Completely on its own. The grey fabric looked nasty and thin. I felt my mouth grow dry and looked around for Rachel who was fishing for ice creams for the kids. The dress had a yellow card cut into the shape of a star, advertising the modest price in bold writing. I got excited just from imagining it on my wife?s figure. Seeing Zo? and Thomas where busy I called her over. When I nodded towards the dress I saw her eyes go blank for a second. She looked around. Obviously thinking what I was thinking. The town was growing busier by the second. She knew what I was asking of her. Wiping my brow I quickly took it down. Rather hoping that no one would notice me. Rachel?s lip curled into a smile as she took it from me and went inside to pay.?

I received a sight indeed when a short time later, my wife remerged. She had changed in the shop and came strolling down towards me. Perhaps it was just how tight and short the dress was. Or how much of her body it revealed. I hadn?t expected her to put it on now. What a treat. The hem line in particular stretched tightly between the very tops of her rounded thighs. Completely showing off her smooth, waxed legs. There was not much left to the imagination let me tell you. Rachel looking so excited and so pleased with herself. She had, I noticed bought a pair of black high heel shoes to finish the effect and I felt my cock begin to stiffen right away. The old woman at the counter gave us both a dirty look. I didn?t mind at all and took the second bag containing her clothes. Rachel walked past me shaking back her hair once more. She wasn?t wearing a bra and her breasts stretched enormously against the chest. Her nipples just slightly visible through the materiel. With a wry smile she showed her delight as she stepped down onto the street. A look of complete satisfaction on her face. Revelling in doing something so extrovert and wild.?

As we walked slowly down the street Rachel received blatant whistles and calls. She was loving every second and drew a lot of horny, eager looks. The faces we past where quite leering. Particularly from the younger /spanish/spanish-men/">spanish men. Calmly and confidently she slipped her arm into mine. Eventually as the kids grew tired we took a table at an outdoor restaurant. Rachel sat facing the street and quickly crossed her legs. She had already let me know that she wasn?t wearing any /underwear/">underwear and I could see she was conscious of the shortness of the dress. The waiter I noticed didn?t mind and gave Rachel quite an eyeful. I was already preparing myself for a wonderful evening. When we ordered our meal I couldn?t stop staring at my wife?s chest. She really was showing through and I truly couldn?t help myself. She caught me looking more than once, replying with a smile.?

Even though Zo? and Thomas where there it didn?t seem so unnatural and I began wondering if we could actually do it. In fact I was about to mention the waiter?s interest when I realised Rachel had already made plans of her own. One second she was touching up her lipstick with a pocket mirror and the next reaching out towards my arm. For a second I didn?t realise what she was doing until I saw she was looking and smiling at a man at a table across from us. Probably the fact that made my jaw drop was the fact he was black. Stockily built with a shaven head. He wore a neat dark suit with a white tie. Showing his age which was probably mid to late fifties. I guess the suit was what made him stand out so much. I wanted to ask my wife what she was doing but she continued smiling over in his direction. Of course he quickly took notice. His stony, almost dry face remaining steady for a moment. I felt tense as he steadily returned her look. His eyes fell to her breasts more than once then under the table to her legs.?