Kathys first time with a man and I was that man Thanks Louise

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Kathys first time with a man and I was that man Thanks Louise

So I waited and waited and WAITED for 1PM to come. I couldnt wait to give Kathy her second lesson in the art of sex. Fucking and sucking with this beautiful 20-year-old was a dream come true. Today I was thinking I was going to show her what 69 was all about. But, I wanted to fuck that /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy again too. God this was too much to ask for, but maybe I could get Lou to show her 69 from two girls prospective. Maybe Kathy would go for a little /lesbian/lesbian-sex/">lesbian sex too! So I sat around and waited for the time to pass and when it finally was time, I slipped out the basement door and walked over two houses to Louises house. No one was ever home during the weekend at Lous house. Her /dad/mom-dad/mom-and-dad/">mom and dad always went away for the weekend leaving her home to do whatever she wanted. But, then she was over 21 and just about finished in college. This weekend they were down the ocean and werent coming home until late Sunday night. We had all afternoon. I had no problem; my old lady was down her mothers for the entire weekend and wouldnt be home until late herself. I rapped on Louises back door and it was open so I walked in saying: "Hello any one home?" Lou called from down in her basement. 

When I got down the stairs she had a huge blow up mattress on the floor and smiled as she told me: "Softer on the back Mr. XX!" I smile and asked her: "Did you blow that up all by yourself babe? It looks great Lou. It looks real soft. Hey, I have something I want to ask you." She said: "What? Anything for /big/big-cocks/my-big-cock/">my big cock lover!" I asked her: "How would you like to try and have a little 69 with Kathy today. Show her how a woman eats a pussy and Ill instruct her on how to eat your pussy so youll get off real good. Then I was thinking you and I could fuck doggie style and show her how that works. I want to have her suck my cock too today. Might as well show her all of it! Right babe?" Lou smiled that devil smiled and said to me: "Oh yea show her everything!! Right! I know you want to see two girls going at it. And then what would be better than to have your /cock/big-cock/">big cock sucked and played with by two women? And finally fucking both of us wouldnt be a bad way of ending our little 3 way! I got your number baby!!" She had me down cold. But, I looked at her and said: "LOU!! Im hurt!! I just want to give Kathy all of our sexual knowledge! And I know you have a lot to offer here too baby! So what do you say?" 

She smiled and told me: "As long as I get my pussy licked and fuck by you then Im in MR. XX!" I pulled her to me and squeeze her ass with my hands as we merged our bodies together. She opened her mouth and I slipped my tongue into her. She arched her back pushing her pussy hard into me cock, which was hard already. We stroked each others body as we waited for Kathy. About 5 minutes into it, Lous clothes were off and I was stepping out of my shorts! I went to her tits and began to suck on her breasts as I rubbed her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy with my hands! I had her wet and wide open with my fingers touching and moving in and out of her pussy just like I knew she liked it. We hard the door opened and Kathy call out: "Where is everyone?" Lou had my head pushed against my breasts and so she yelled out: "Were down in the basement K come on down. Youre late so we started without you." 

When K got to the bottom of the stairs, she didnt stop this time when she saw Lou and I lying on the blow up bed, with me working on her super sexy body! Kathy came over and sat down watching us. I looked at her and said: "Kathy, why dont you join in. Here you play with Lous left breast while I do her right one. Just do what I do Kathy. We want her nipples as hard and long as we can get them. OK?" Kathy said: "OK!" She watched my fingers pull gently on Lous nipples and then roll them around in my fingers. She tried it and did OK. I then said: "Now watch my lips and tongue on her nipples." K watched as I lowered my head and began to suck and lick on Lous red /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples. Kathy lowered her head and did the same thing to Lous other breast. Lou said: "You kid sure feels really nice. Thats it Kath, suck them hard. You wont hurt me, and it feels really good!" Now I stopped sucking on her breast and sat there watching as Kathys mouth circled Lous nipples and her tongue did a nice job licking over it! I told Kathy: "OK you work on her breasts make them hard and her nipples as long as you can get them. Im going to start on her pussy. She told me she really need to get off and Im going to see that she does." I moved down Lous body until I was next to her hips and began to work on Lous pussy. It was super wet as I inserted a finger deep into it! Lou raised her hips up to meet it going in. She sighed as I began to pump it in and out of her hole. I used my other hand alain lyle porn to pull her skin around the top of her pussy up and out exposing Lous clit. I used my finger to rub over it quickly and gently! She moaned out so loud that Kathy stopped sucking her tit and look to see what I was doing. I saw her watching my hands work on Lous pussy and told her: "Come down here Kathy where I am, you can see much better what Im doing." She did. Kathy moved down on the other side of Lous hips and watched me stroke Lous pussy. 

She smiled each time Lou raised her ass up to meet my fingers pumping in and out of her super wet wide-open pussy! Lou laid there, smiling, legs wide open as she felt my two hands moving all over her /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy! I told Kathy: Do you want to help me get Lou off?" She said: "Oh yes! Lou has been so good to me introducing you to me and helping me get off yesterday. How can I help?" I told her: "OK! Take your fingers and very easy stroke over her clit. Dont do it hard, or youll hurt her. See it sitting up hard and long at the top of her pussy slit? Right here." I touched it with my finger and Lou jumped again. " Kathy told me: "OH!! I know what a clit looks like Mr. XX. I get myself off this way too." I told her: "Than do to Lou what you would do to yourself. While I work on her at the same time. It will be better with two hands between her legs. Right?" Kathy smiled at me and began to work on Lous pussy like it was her own pussy. We had Lous body rising up and down as she fingered her clit and I pumped her pussy with three fingers now. We worked on her for over 20 minutes bring her off couple of times. We both smiled at each other as Lou climaxed and her juices ran over both of our hands. I told Kathy: "OK I think she wants one of us to lick her pussy.? Lou grunted out:" "Fuck yes!! I want my pussy licked. Licked by one or both of you it doesnt matter. But lick it now! Oh Mr. XX! You start and show Kathy how to do it!" I told Kathy: "OK. Now watch as I kiss her pussy and then lick it." Kathy was watching very closely. 

Her face was close to Lous pussy she could feel her warm breath on her wetness. I lowered my head down and kissed the very center of Lous pussy. She elevated it up immediately against my mouth. I kissed it a few times and then licked deep into her hole before raised up. I asked Kathy: "Would you like to try?" She looked at me and I asked her again: "OK Kathy, you try it now!" he looked funny at me again said: "But shes a girl. You want me to do a girl?" I smiled and told her; "Yes! It will help with your training and Lou deserves to get off too. Right?" Lou yelled out: "Oh god!!! One of you please lick my pussy and make me cum before I go completely crazy!!" Kathy, raised her shoulders and lowered her head putting her mouth on Lous wide-open pussy. Lou was moaning and grunting as Kathy kissed Lous pussy a few times! I said: "OK Kathy thats good. Now start licking it up and down right in the middle. Then stick your tongue as deep into her pussy hole as you can." Kathy did exactly what I told her. She sucked and licked and kissed Lous pussy until I saw Lou pumping her cunt into Kathys face and I knew Kathy had started Lous orgasm!! It was so hot watching Kathy lick Lous pussy making her cum and bring her off nicely! As Lou reached the peek of her climax, I told Kathy: "NOW!! Shove two fingers into her NOW!! She did and Lou screamed loudly as she hit her peek! She pumped and held Kathys head tightly against her pussy as she fuck her face hard as she could. Her cunt was wet that when Kathy finally raised her head up from between Lous thighs, it was covered with Lous cum! She wiped it off and I told her to stop. I licked it off her face as Lou grabbed my cock and told me: " Fuck me Mr. XX!! I need fucking now baby! Fuck me and let Kathy watch." I rolled Lou over on her stomach and she lifted her body up on all fours. I move behind and told Kathy: "Now heres another position that feels so good to women. Its called doggie style baby! Watch as we do it." I put my cock to Louises pussy and she pushed back hard against me taking in my cocks big purple head all at once with one push! She moaned as she felt it go in! She said: "Oh good MR. XX. its getting easier huh?" I pushed into her and inserted about 6 inches of my hard long cock deep into her body ! 

She cried out and said: "Oh yes! Thats it fuck me Mr. XX Oh god you feel so good! You feel so fucking good baby! /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard and fuck me fast. OK?" I held her hips and began to pump indian santali xvideo in and out of Lous cunt from behind as Kathy sat there watching with eyes wide open!! Lou was grinding her hips and ass into me as I pumped all of my cock into her pussy! I leaned over her body and cupped her breasts in my hands. I squeeze and played with them as I continued to fuck Lou hard from behind. I told Kathy: "You can help baby! Reach around to Lous pussy, find her clit and begin to rub it like you did before!" Kathy wiggled her body under us both until she was lying right under Lous pussy. For a few minutes she just watch as my cock went in and out of Lous pussy. She said: "God Mr. XX You cock looks so swollen! Is it?" I panted out telling her: "A mans cock swells up like that when he is about to cum! Its OK The feeling is wonderful for the man too Kathy! Now rub Lous clit for me." She took her fingers and spread Lou pussy at the top. 

She pulled her clit out all the way and began to run her three fingers back and forth over it. Just like she did to herself each time she masturbated. Lou screamed out and had an orgasm almost immediately. Her pussy squeeze my cock hard and it was all I need to move me to the point where I started to cum1 I shot load after load into Lous pussy as Kathy watched and rubbed both of us. Kathy got cum all over her hands. When Lou and I were done I moved around and Lou rolled over. I saw Kathy looking at the cum on her hands and I told her :Taste it Kathy! Its OK! It wont harm you. In fact you may like it." .She raised her hand to her mouth and very sheepishly moved her tongue to the drop of cum about to fall to the floor. Lou was watching and told Kathy: "Here give it to me. I love Mt. XXs cum. Lou began to lick all over Kathys hand. 

Kathy, moved her hand away and put two fingers in her mouth cleaning all the cum off of them. Both girls licked their lips as they finished her hand. I smiled and asked: "Well what does it taste like Kathy?" She told me: "A little salty but almost no taste." I smiled and told her: "Well try some thats mixed with Lous /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-in-her-pussy/">cum in her pussy. Here watch me." I inserted two fingers into Lous cunt and came out with my fingers dripping. I licked one and offered the other one to Kathy. She took it and licked just a little before taking the entire finger into her mouth. She told us: "Its good not nasty at all. Here Lou let me try again!" Lou told her: "Help yourself baby! You can even lick me clean if you want!" Kathy inserted three fingers into Lous pussy and came out like my fingers dripping wet! She put all three fingers in her mouth and cleaned then off. Lou asked: "You want some more Mr. XX? " I smiled and took my hand and rubbed it all over Lous pussy getting it completely wet. I then moved to Kathy and we both licked my hand clean!