Tokyo Subway

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Tokyo Subway

Tokyo Subway

NOTE: As much as I?d like this to happen to myself, this is completely fictional!


Damn, I swore to myself as I forced my way to the front of the line through the gigantic crowd of people. But that was to be expected in a subway station at rush hour in downtown Tokyo. I was already lucky, being nearly 7 foot, towering over the majority of people. Not to mention that I owned a car, being a successful businessman, though sometimes I still had to take the subway while it was under maintenance.

The subway arrived and the whole crowd of people surged forward. I was pushed forward and into the subway car as people rushed to grab a seat. I was pushed into the corner of in the frenzy, tripping over somebody?s /feet/">feet, as the ground rushed forward to meet my face. I was going to be trampled over. At least that was what I thought.

My face landed smack into the wonderful D-sized breasts of a young Asian, the most beautiful I had ever seen. Without thinking, I quickly grabbed them and started massaging the nibbles, licking my way around them. When I finally realized, I quickly got up and turned around in embarrassment. But I couldn?t do so ? there were too many people. I looked at the young /girl/asian-girl/">asian girl whose breasts I had just caressed, in shame. She did have a beautiful body though. Though she was just around 6 foot, her legs were, somehow, the most slender and beautifully tanned that I had seen in my life. She was wearing a near-translucent blouse, with no bra, and a really, really, short skirt that /hung/">hung inches above her waist. Her body sure had a nice shape to it. Looking at her, I realized her face showed no sign of anger, but rather a mischievous smile. While I tried to hold back against the pushing crowd behind me, she kneeled down, unzipped my fly, and took out my stone-hard 11-inch cock, and immediately began massaging it. Just the sight of it near made me cum. Before I realized fully what was happening, she was giving me a blowjob, stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv licking first around the head of my organ, and in moment, taking the whole thing inside her mouth. She continued to give it a most expert blowjob, before my cock finally gave away and giant streams of cum squirted out. She took it all in, and by the time I was finished, she had white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie already stood back up, giving me a kissing on the neck.

My mouth was still hanging open, at /surprise/">surprise of this hot young girl, who looked barely legal. ?Fuck!? I said. ?Where the hell did you learn to do that?? She put a finger to her lips, telling me to be quiet, and giggled before lifting her own skirt, displaying the black, pure silk panties underneath. By now, I had recovered from my shock. I reached over and put my hands inside her skirt, massaging her until I got to her pussy. Then, I proceeded to fuck her with my fingers. ?Mmmm??She moaned, closing those deep black eyes of hers, resting her head on my chest, drooling over my business shirt. She put her hands in my pants as well, jacking my penis ? which had already hardened again ? off at the same time. I couldn?t stand it anymore. I pulled down her panties, lifted her hands off my cock, and plunged into her love canal like there was no tomorrow. I heard her lips give out a silent scream as my cock finally reached the back of vagina. ?Shit!? I whispered. ?You?re so fucking tight!? I couldn?t hold it anymore. ?FUUUCCCKKK? I half screamed, half whispered into her ear. My cum blasted inside of her, and she shook violently as she came as well. As we finished, after some difficulty, we exchanged spots, so that her back was to the crowd. Kneeling down, I got my first good look at her pussy. It was shaven clean, with no sign of any pubic hair whatsoever. I licked around the pussy lips. Hmmm. The cum still remained on her pussy, the honey-like liquid dripping out. I eagerly devoured what was left. Sucking and licking both of her pussy lips, before plunging into the hole. I felt like I was in heaven.

It was at that moment that she lifted my head and told me to stop. She pulled her skirt back down and slowly slid off her panties. Stuffing them into my hands, she smiled, and got off the subway. 

Nowadays, all I do is think of that encounter on the train. Nothing else in my life has changed ? except for the fact that I now take the subway a lot more often than I had before.