My girls were the greatest sex i have ever had but they wer killing me

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My girls were the greatest sex i have ever had but they wer killing me

So now there was Louise with her continuos need to lean. She wanted to learn everything I knew about . She also wanted me to fuck, but only after I ate her pussy until she couldn't stand it any longer. Then there was Myla the little oriental with the 14-year-old looking body and the 25-year experience. She was actually 20. Once I got my cock into her small body she was without a doubt of all of them. And last but certainly not least, Sooby the Caribbean queen. Her body was so dark it looked almost purple. When her pussy was opened it looked as if it was bleeding, it was so red compared to her skin. She would do things with it that made me cum in minutes. She loved her first older white guy . She also loved my tongue since most black guys don't eat pussy she told me, I made her get off so good! And lastly, Sue my 21-year-old . She was almost always ready to get it on with me. She couldn't tell me which she liked the best, my cock or tongue! She just liked to cum for me! Our group went on for weeks and weeks. I was getting more pussy now, than any other time in my life. These young women were always ready to do whatever we could to enjoy sex. The hardest thing I had to do was get the time to do it. Plus I was starting to get tired. I need assistance.

One day I asked my son if he was dating anyone and he told me: "No dad not at this time. Why?" I didn't tell him then but I had an idea that may help me out on those times when I was just to exhaust to do 2 women! The problem was I didn't know which one to give up. God I was in such a fucking fix! I wanted as much sex as the next guy, maybe more, but I knew I couldn't handle this much longer. There were times when my nuts actually hurt from cumming!! So one day when Sue, my daughter invited all three girls over the house, I asked my son to come home that night to help me with a few things. I had leaves to clean up outside and then I was going to take everyone to dinner. The girls were then all going to spend the night at our house. Our son worked about an hour away and so he would spend the night at the house too. My plan was to see which girl he liked the best and which like him. I would than let her go or at least not get involved as much with her. My plan was to reduce the time I needed with one or two of them by letting my son take my place most of the time. Me son was just about 6 foot tall and 180 pounds and in excellent shape. He was a swimmer and weightlifter who ran an Aquatic center. He biked and ran too. He had dark hair and eyes and was always looking for a good time. So that Saturday night I began my plan. We all met at the restaurant at 6:30PM. My son was home all day to help me and we got most of the things done I wanted. We ate and drank for about 2 hours. The girls looked beautiful! Louise had on tight jeans with a sweater that showed her young beautiful body. She had a face that would always make men turn their head even if she had a topcoat on. Myla had on jeans and a blouse both were very tight.

She always had that type of outfits on and tonight was no exception! She looked like a young teen but was over 21 and acted like she was 25. My daughter had a short skirt and a blouse, which showed her body nicely, and she always did things to make you look. The way she crossed and uncrossed her legs, or shifted in a chair pushing her tits out against her blouse made her very sexy. I wasn't thinking about letting my son and Sue go at it! But, Sooby w/o a doubt looked the sexiest of all of them. Her body was fantastic and she knew how to show it. With her tight and very short skirt that told you her ass was wonderful and a blouse that on her shoulders, she always let you see some part of her body at all times. I couldn't take my eyes off of her ass all night! My wife was dressed in slacks and a sweatshirt. We have a great time with the young people and around 9PM we headed home in two cars. My son, Myla and Louise went in one car. My wife and I along with Sue and Sooby went in our SUV. When we got home we al sat around talking about what the girls wanted to do when the got out of college. About 10:30 PM my wife went up stairs to bed and I sat with the kids in the family room. I asked my son in private which girl he liked the best. He told me all of them!! But Louise and Myla and then Sooby in that order were his best he felt! Good choice, I told him. He sat between Myla and Louise at dinner and then they rode home with him. He told me he really liked Louise. She had a body that wouldn't stop. Myla was oriental and he always wanted to do an Oriental. He had heard they were unbelievable in bed. I smiled and told him, will they are. He looked at me and asked: "So you have fucked one before?" I was trying to think of a way to tell him I was having sex with all of them so that he would believe me!! I told him: "Actually Bob, I have fucked Myla! And Louise. And, no I'm not shitting you!" he asked me: "You have what? When? When did you fuck them?" I smiled and sat down and told him the entire story! He was astonished! I also told him they were killing me slowly and I needed help, his help! He smiled and told me: "God dad!! What a way to go!?" We both smiled.

I told him why not take Myla or Louise off my hands?" He asked me: "OK! How do we do that?" I smiled and told him: "Well I have an idea but you have to be honest with me first." He told me: "OK what do you want?" I asked him: Do you give head to women? "He told me: xnxxv sunny leone video "Yes! It always repays you double later on." How big is your cock? No, I'm serious, how big?" He looked at me like I was crazy. He told me: "About 7, maybe 8 inches when I'm hard. But it's thick! Why? What's with all the questions?" I told him about my idea. And how I had given the girls oral sex and fucked them with my cock! It's 10-inches! Honest Bob!! It's 10 inches!!" He laughed and told me how fucking lucky I was!! I am going to talk with the girls about you and tell them how you love giving and receiving oral . When they ask about your cock, I will tell them you're not quiet as big as I am, but you are thicker and younger and can go longer. Even if it's not the real or complete truth. I want to get you included in this orgy because I'm tired as hell. ( I didn't' tell him about his sister. That's between her and me!.)

Bob went out for about an hour to meet some old friends at a local bar while I went to work talking with the girls. I asked my daughter: "OK Sue, who likes Bob the best. She told me: " Myla! She really likes him. She told me he's very handsome and has such a great body. She was getting wet talking to him at dinner. Oh and Sooby told me she would fuck him in a heartbeat. But she really likes older white guys because they always give her oral sex! Of course she was talking about you dad!" Louise didn't say much at all except she laughed and asked me if I knew if his cock was as big as his dad's cock?" I laughed at that one too! I told her: "Well I don't know about his cock but I do know he likes to give oral sex to clean women. He also told me her likes Myla a lot! He also told me her liked Louise's body, but who the hell doesn't?" Sue asked: "you want me to hook him up with Myla?" I told her: "Yes." Bob will be here around midnight and I want Myla to be with him. Can you do it?" She smiled and told me: "Oh yea! Myla would go with when him in a minute if he had asked her out. She really likes him!" I told her: "Deal baby! Get them together."

I figured I help get them together too. Before Sue could chat with her I asked Myla if she would come into the living room. I told her I wanted to talk to her about something. She smiled and got and followed me. We sat down and I asked her: "Would you help me with something sexual like I did for you when you asked if I'd give you oral sex? I have a problem involving my son and I think you two would hit it off and I think you like him and I know he likes you. So I'm asking you to do something for me." She asked: "What would you like me to do Mr. XX! I'd do most anything for you!" And she put her hand on my knee and looked at me like she would fuck me to death! I smiled and told her: "Well he has not been with a girl for a long time. He works so many hours and has almost no social life. I was wondering if you would go out with him and show him a good time?" She smiled and told me: "That's all? I would love to date your son Mr. XX, real forced anal against her will but what about us?" I smiled and told her I would still be around and if my son didn't give you enough attention, I would still be happy to do so. But, we can't tell him that, OK?" She told me: "OK." I told her: "Sue will be asking you about this too!" We got up and walked back to the group. It was around 11:30PM and Sue and Louise went up to Sue's room and Myla, Sooby and I watched TV.

Myla looked at me like she had this need. She asked me: "Can we have some fun now Mr. XX? Before your son comes home would you lick me again with your tongue?" I told her to come over and sit on my lap. She smiled and walked over, put her on my lap, and put both of her legs over the right arm of the chair. I moved my hand up her legs and when I got to her knees, I told her: "Open your knees Myla. You looked so good tonight you made my cock hard all night! I want you baby! And, I want to eat your pussy now! God baby those tight jeans always get to me! You look so hot!" She smiled and told me: "I wore them just for you Mr. XX! I'm glad you liked it!" I had my hand up to her thighs now and could feel her heat coming off her pussy even with her jeans on! Slowly I inched my hand up her leg until I touch her pussy. She told me: "I have no panties on and if you let me take these jeans off you can have my pussy. But you'll get your hand wet! I moaned and my cock was getting hard! She dropped her jeans on the floor, and climbed back on my lay. She opened her legs wide! I could see her cunt all wet and shinning at me. I rubbed and played with her pussy while she kissed me sticking her tongue down my throat. Sooby was standing behind Myla and had Myla's blouse opened and was rubbing her small but full tits, making her nipples longer and hard. I bet they stood out at least an inch. I sucked in one with my mouth as I began to finger her pussy with two fingers. She was moaning and telling me: "Oh Mr. XX your fingers are doing wonders for me! Oh yea baby that's it stroke me. Stroke my pussy faster! Mummm Mr. XX! Yea! That's it just like that! Oh yes!! I'm going to cum Mr. XX! God you get me hot quick! Oh rub baby! Faster Oh yes! Mumm! Yes faster! I go happy land now!! OH fuck yes! Here I go!" And she began to pump against my hand and climax on it! God she looked so fucking sexy as she was having her orgasm. Her legs were wide open and she was grinding on my hand as I pumped her cunt with 3 fingers fast and hard.