Night 2

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Night 2

So after my first event, which you mightve read about I tried to brush it off. I have a lovely /girlfriend/">girlfriend, I come from a Catholic family, I didnt want to rock the boat. I kept the jumpsuit my friend loaned my in the trunk of my car in a plastic bag under the spare tire hood and I tried to forget it. It was a one time incident, I was drunk, it was a crap story. I felt horrible about what happened. I went down to a local testing place 3 times and got tested for aids. I didnt want to give it to my girlfriends, I didnt want to be that guy. But I couldnt get it out of my mind. The whole scenario was so erotic in a weird sexual way.

I wasnt attracted to men at all, I didnt want to suck a penis, I didnt want to marry a man, I felt no love or attraction towards men in any way...but yet that desire to be desired...it was intoxicating. I tried sticking things up my bottom - shampoo bottles, carrots, stupid things I found around the house...I didnt do it. My sexxxx video ful hd girlfriend went out with her friends a few times, I took the jumpsuit out of the trunk, tried it on, I dressed myself in her makeup but im not an expert I couldnt do it as good as my friend. One night in a drunken stupor I bought a pair of leather pants from Germany on ebay, they had a zipper that went from the front to back allowing for easy access to...you know where. I anxiously awaited their arrival, I left work early for a week to get home a check the mail but no sign. I even got in a dispute with ebay about how they had not arrived in a timely manner. About three weeks later there was a package covered in stamps sitting at my doorstep. I snatched them went in and tried them on. They fit perfectly, tight, smooth. I was aroused just putting them on. I kept them in a travel bag in my closet and would take them out to masterbate in, I would put on a condom so not to make a mess and would hump a pillow while watching porn until I came.

One night while watching porn - fairly early, my girlfriend was already asleep, I started looking up gay bars in the area. I found a place not to far from where I live. I snuck in the bedroom and pulled the pants out of the travel bag. I pulled on the pants, tossed on a clean white dress shirt and left. I went to the bar - it was empty. There was one older guy there - he kept feeding me drinks. Next thing I knew we were dancing. I went to the bathroom to break the seal for the 4th or 5th time and he followed me in. He pulled down my zipper and began to rub his hand in my ass crack. I was a little put off by his forwardness, zipped myself up and I left.

I went home disappointed, went to sleep and went on about my weeks. I decided id put an ad in the online personals looking for other leather clad men - but no one responded. I began to watch videos on youtube about doing makeup and crossdressing.

My girlfriend left town for a week and I had full access to her makeup. I went down to my car and pulled out all of the clothes that my friend gave me. I went up to my apartment and stitched the seam together where the crack of the jumpsuit had ripped - very seamlessly I might add. I got dressed up, put on some makeup and I looked good - not as good as when my friend did it but fairly passable but this time I was sober, I was timid. I couldnt bring myself to that experience again. So I had a couple of drinks and started masturbating dry humping a pillow to porn - fairly embarrassing and finally I had had enough to drink and was horny enough that I no longer cared.

I got in my car and drove to the nearest club that I could find that had no clue who I was. I went in - on the prowl. There is something to be said about being on the prowl - its harder than you think. The /first-time/">first time I was only looking to get drunk, this time I was looking to get laid, I wanted to be desired - it wasnt happening. I was sitting at the bar and nothing was happening. I was getting dirty looks from the bartender because he knew I wasnt a /women/">women, none of the men where making a move at me and I was disappointed so I left. I went back to the gay bar where I had had more luck hoping to be more accepting and it was a tranny night...who knew right?

There was an older guy at the bar in what looked like a vinyl apron and vinyl pants. Grey hair on the sides with the top totally bald. I bought a beer and started to drown my sorrows. The older guy asked me to dance - I declined. A couple of tgirls came up to me and asked me to dance in their group - I dont dance. I stayed at the bar and drank. The older guy pursued me further. He wanted to know my name, where I was from what I did for fun. I wasnt interested. I went and sat at a table alone - he followed me. He sat down and said - "I love to see a tgirl in a jumpsuit like that". I sorta brushed him off but he stook around.

The night was growing later, it was nearly 2, last call had already been called and this guy had proceeded to tell me his life story from his childhood in England to every other insignificant moment one could imagine. He asked if he could fuck me I said no. I closed out my tab, got in my car disappointed and went home. When I got home I had a few acceptances in my inbox from the ad I had placed earlier. One was from a man in in mid 30s "yes I have leather pants" and he left a phone number. I called - he answered. I called and he answered. I told him - wear your leather pants or dont bother coming. He did. He showed up at my door in leather pants, I let him in. He pushed me on the couch and began to fondle me - and interesting feeling, never done /foreplay/">foreplay with a man before. I quickly found the zipper on my crotch and attempted to kiss me - I told him no kissing.

He insisted and I attempted to throw him out. He grabbed me and threw my on the couch, he climbed on top of me and began to grind his leather clad cock against my butt crack. I grabbed his butt from behind and help him in place while he did it - it was hot. He unzipped the crotch of my jumpsuit and stuck his finger in my /asshole/">asshole. I kept grinding. He stuck two in then pulled them out and stuck in xxx sex video download free com his penis. He fucked me hard for at least an hour and came 3x. When he left I had his cum oozing out my asshole.