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Rwanda completes a CRVS comprehensive assessment and moves forward to modernize its CRVS system

The comprehensive assessment of civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems in Rwanda started in July 2016 and was successfully completed in October 2016. The assessment was conducted jointly by the National Institute of Statistics (NISR) and the National Identity Agency (NIDA) in partnership with UNICEF, AfDB and ECA among other multiple partners. The assessment captured strengths, weakness and areas for improvement within the current CRVS systems in Rwanda. The final report outlined that a multi-faceted approach is needed among health, justice, local governance and other relevant sectors to establish an interoperable and comprehensive CRVS system in Rwanda. Based on the assessment results, a strategic planning workshop was organized in October 2016 by NISR, NIDA and UNICEF in partnership with Statistics South Africa and the Bloomberg Data for Health Initiative, inviting planning and CRVS personnel from key Government institutions to develop a five-year national strategic plan for the modernization of CRVS systems in Rwanda. The ongoing development of the strategic plan is expected to be finalized by early 2017 and will guide the Rwanda’s CRVS system reform to ensure all information on vital events is timely captured and used.


Figure 1: Participants welcome the Director-General of NISR and NIDA during a strategic planning workshop in Rubavu District, in the presence of the Senior Advisor from ECA and Strategic planning Advisors from the Statistics South Africa. Rwanda October 2016. ©UNICEF RWANDA/2016/Lee


Figure 2: During a strategic planning workshop, participants discuss specific objectives to build a modern, timely, complete and integrated CRVS system in Rwanda. Rwanda October 2016. ©UNICEF RWANDA/2016/Lee


Figure 3: Director-General of the National Identity Agency (NIDA) highlights the importance of country ownership and leadership in the CRVS system modernization process in Rwanda to make every life known and count during a strategic planning workshop. Rwanda October 2016. ©UNICEF RWANDA/2016/Lee