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APAI-CRVS Assessment guidelines and tools

These guidelines and tool have been prepared to assist countries in undertaking a comprehensive assessment of their Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) systems and in the development of a national CRVS strategic plan. The guidelines provide specific steps for assessing a national CRVS system, sets out the range of options for organizing the exercise, as well as specific issues for investigation. 


The assessment tool is developed to guide countries to comprehensively and holistically review their CRVS systems with the objective of generating evidence that will guide the improvement efforts. The tool therefore provides a comprehensive range of management, technical, operational and infrastructural issues against which countries need to review their systems. The issues presented in the tool are based on the international principles and standards on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics systems developed by the United Nations.


The output of the assessment is expected to feed into the development of a strategic plan and a costed action plan.